Special 1 Month Free License

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to get a free 1 month license (worth $19 USD) to WinningPrizeSearchPRO! A tool that makes it super easy to manage 1000’s of sweepstakes, find highly winnable ones, track your entries and help you MASSIVELY increase your wins! And you’ll already started the new year with a free win simply for being on this e-mail list, so congratulations! :) To get started, enter your first & last name, and e-mail address at the bottom of this screen to generate your free 1 Month license. It will also include a downloadable link to the software. Click the green button below to install WinningPrizeSearchPRO!

It runs on Windows PC systems. To Install on a Macintosh, please read the FAQ section.

To get tutorials on how to use the software, please access tutorial videos by clicking here.

To install successfully:
a) If you receive an blue ‘ unrecognized app’ message when installing, simply click ‘More Info’, then ‘Run Anyways’. Click here to read the FAQ section
b) If you are running software like Norton or McAfee, you will need to give this software permission to run and install updates.
c) If you get a “Run-time 339: OCX” install error, or a “Run-Time Error 13”, please click here to read the FAQ section on how to resolve that/install the software successfully.