How to Win Online Sweepstakes & Contests

How much you win really comes down to three simple things.

  • How many entries you have for a particular giveaway (i.e., 1 entry vs 100 entries)
  • How many other people enter that giveaway (i.e., your odds) (i.e., 1 entry for you vs 1 entry for someone else)
  • And how many giveaways you enter in general. (i.e., do you enter 1 giveaway in a month, or a chance at one prize? or 100 giveaways in a month, for a chance at 100 different prizes?)

In other words, speed. How much do you enter in the time you have to enter.

If you enter 10 sweepstakes or contests in an hour, and someone else has 100 entries, all things being equal – they have 10x (1000%) the chance of winning over you. You only have so many hours in the day – so how do you increase your entries, increase your chances, and maximize your speed to maximize your wins? really comes down to three simple things.

Use Form Filling Software and/or a Sweepstakes Tracker

If you are disorganized, randomly searching websites for things to win, and manually typing your name, address, phone number to enter 5 or 6 contests – while someone else is organized, clicks a button and enters 1000’s of sweepstakes – who do you think has the better chance of winning? Obviously the person who is more organized, and does it faster.

Some people use form fillers like Roboform, Lastpass, 1Password, or the Google Form filler. They aren’t ‘bad’ – they do help speed up the entry process, but there are two big problems. Number one, they don’t always fill in things correctly – so you still have to fix your information (thus slowing you down, and remember, speed is important). And secondly, they weren’t designed to be used by people entering sweepstakes, so make really poor organizers.

People who use these free & inexpensive tools tend to also have to use a really convoluted bookmarking system. It can work, but it’s inefficient. To win a lot – you learn you need to categorize the different types of sweepstakes/contests (i.e., daily entry, weekly entry, 1x entry, etc.) As well, you start to realize that when you enter for family members, you can also double or triple your winning chances.

Using one of these cheap tools is better than nothing, but if you really want to win big, and win consistently, you need to do something better.

Speed & Organization

So – obviously – if you want to win a lot – getting a software tool like WinningPrizeSearchPRO that was designed specifically for sweepers & contestors alike is the best.

First of all – not only can you easily fill in forms with something called the ‘Keyboard Express’ – but the software makes it really easy to track daily sweepstakes, one-time, unlimited, and so forth. Our sweepstakes/contest youtube channel has a bunch of videos which go into great detail of how to use it effectively. Once you “get” it, you really “get” it – and can supercharge your wins.

Remember, speed & organization is important. If you have 10 entries, and someone else has 100 entries, they have a 1000% higher chance of winning something than you do.

How to Supercharge your Wins

In addition using speed & organization to maximize your entries, & thus the number of prizes you win, there are a few other things you can do to to win more.

Focus on Daily Entry

Most people, if they find a giveaway, will only enter once. If it is a daily entry, they’ll forget to enter. (Remember – they aren’t organized – but you are). So if you enter 30x in a month, and they only enter 1x, then you have 30x the chances of winning over them.

Find “Hard to Enter” Giveaways like Captchas, Videos, Essay and Photo entries

Secondly – people tend to skip things that require what they perceive to be “work”. If they have to upload a selfie, upload a short video, write a short essay – then they tend to skip those. There have been countless giveaways offering literally $100k in prizes or more – with only 100 entries – simply because it required a little bit of ‘work’.

So the challenge is finding these. Again – remember – speed is important. You can set things up like Google Alerts for certain types of entry methods, or scour the various sweepstakes & contest directories – but that is slow, & cumbersome (usually because they are full of ads).

A faster way, of course – is to use the WinningPrizeSearchPRO software, because it was designed for sweepers & contestors in mind. You can literally use the search function, and 2 seconds later instantly have these types of highly winnable sweepstakes & contest giveaways at your tips.

Other Strategies

  • When you win – thank the sponsor. They will remember you, and if they ever need a testimonial for their products or services in the future – they are more likely to think of you (meaning you could get free products), because you remembered them.
  • Enter Local Sweepstakes & Contests. Whenever you enter a store, pay attention to ballot type entries. Sometimes there may only be 50-100 entries for a big prize like a car or cash prize.
  • Look for unclaimed Rewards Points. Sometimes people will discard coupons or ‘freebies’ that contain rewards points. If you see them doing that, ask them if you can use their points – making it easier for you to claim prizes.
  • Consistency is key. One big mistake beginners make is expecting to have wins ‘instantly’. While it can happen, and it does happen – for most people it takes a bit longer, sometimes several months. If you make sure you set a time each day to enter (say 1-2 hours) – and focus on how you can MAXIMIZE your entries with SPEED and efficient ORGANIZATION – then you’ll start to see prizes come in consistently, including a big vacation or cash prize every now and then. There are people who win $1000’s of prizes each month, and they tend to be the people who implement these kinds of strategies. So good luck!

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