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Affiliate Resources

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Promotional Ideas

There are many different ways of being a successful affiliate. Following are several methods. If you need assistance, please let us know.

  • Encourage people to download the software to win a Giveaway. Since this is a sweepstakes/contest software product, we regularly offer a monthly giveaway for a 1 year membership of this software. In your sales copy, you can encourage people to enter the giveaway simply by entering their name and e-mail address to download and try out the software. Use the “Download Software” link from your affiliate panel. (Products->Joined Product List->Show Links). Either link is fine, as it is for the same product.
  • Article/software review published on your website. Software reviews tend to be good at generating sales. Even better still is articles that are search engine optimized. What types of things to people wanting to win prizes search for? They might search for things like “online sweepstakes”, or “contest organizer”, or “automatic”/”assistant” “form filler”, etc. So – write an article using those keywords. Not only is it a one time promotional copy that you do, but it is likely to generate long term income as your page rises in the search engine ranking. An honest/non-spammy article review is best, with several pictures. So for example, you might structure it like: “Enter Online Sweepstakes? Then Check out WinningPrizeSearchPRO”. You would then find two benefits you LOVE about the product (i.e., saves time, increases winning chances, nicely organized, etc, etc), and write about them. Then maybe one feature you would like included, etc (because everyone tends to like something extra – although haha, ideally this software is perfect! ;)). And then finish off on a positive note about why the software is beneficial, and why someone should get it right now. It is very impotant to have what is called a “Call to Action” (i.e., “Click here to Buy Now”), because you want to let people know what to do with the information they now have. Use the “Product Information Link” link from your affiliate panel. (Products->Joined Product List->Show Links). Either link is fine, as it is for the same product.
  • Newsletter/Tutorial – People love learning new things. So why not write a short tutorial in your newsletter of how to use the software to maximize sales? Again, encourage them to download the software then try it out.
  • Text Link on your website. This is probably one of the easiest things to do. Use the “Product Information Link” link from your affiliate panel. (Products->Joined Product List->Show Links). Either link is fine, as it is for the same product.


Affiliate Resources

E-Mail Newsletters/Autoresponders

This is a sample e-mail blast that we’ve found has a pretty good open rate, and click through rate.

Each e-mail list is unique, so feel free to experiment sending multiple e-mails, by changing the e-mail title, and the content to see what kind of response rate you get.

Newsletter #001

good news!/WinningPrizeSearchPRO update!
Good afternoon !

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Sun is out today (at least where I am, still snow - but some sun too!)

So - some VERY cool updates for you.

'WinningPrizeSearchPRO!' software is officially launched, and you can win a free 1 year license simply by trying it out! More details here:

What does that mean for you? WELL... It is software that helps you maximize your chances of winning amazing prizes, by organizing sweepstakes & contests on a regular basis. You can easily enter 3x more than whatever method you are currently using - and increase your chances of winning big prizes of at least 3x or more - simply because it is basically an organizer, bookmarking tool, sweepstakes directory, advanced search tool - ALL IN ONE! It also has a built in 'keyboard express' - which helps you type in often used information quickly, like first/last name, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. It also helps you manage multiple profiles for family/friends, + much more.

EASILY find WHAT you want to win, and enter it in seconds! 1000's of sweepstakes & contests at your finger tips!

Go to that webpage right now and try it out:

There is a free 7-day, fully functional trial version available to you. A random person is picked once a month to upgrade their license to a full yearly license. If you already have it, and are picked as the winner - your license will be extended by 1 year. There are also lots of pictures/screenshots explaining how to use things, a built-in graphical tutorial, a video tutorial, and more - to help you get the maximum benefit possible.

If you'd like to use it after that, it is $12.95/month, or $120/year (which when you get a yearly license, works out to about $10/month), and you can cancel any time you wish.

Try it out, and let me know what you think!


Newsletter #002

Then, several days later (2-3 days), you would do a ‘follow’ up letter encouraging them to take action. This helps people to try it out, and maximize your chances of making sales. Something like this:

followup re: WinningPrizeSearchPRO
Just dropping you a quick line, did you have a chance to download & try out the WinningPrizeSearchPRO software I mentioned the other day?
VERY cool stuff! The download page is here:

And the cool thing is, you have a chance to win a 1 year license simply for trying it out!

It runs on Windows PC systems. If you have a Mac, and have something called a PC emulator - you can also run it on a mac.

Anyways, try it out! Could help you with some massive wins!


Ad Snippets:

If you have a newsletter, or online website, you may also wish to try using small/short ad snippets. Feel free to experiment, to find out what gets the best click through rate with your list. Here are a few examples:

1. Want to win more? Try out WinningPrizeSearchPRO Free for 7 days - sweepstakes/contest organizer that runs on PC Windows, thousands of prizes at your finger tips! 
2. Want to win a free 1-year license to WinningPrizeSearchPRO? Simply try it out - and a winner is chosen randomly 1x/month. Already a member? If you are chosen, your membership is extended by 1 year! 

Graphical Ads:

Graphical Ads can also be an effective means of advertising.
Link to this page here:

Some ads will perform better than others (i.e., ‘click through’ rate). So feel free to experiment with what resonates best with your users. Simply right click the image, then in the pop up menu click on “Save As…”, and save it to your computer.

If you need more ad samples, let us know and we will create them and upload them here for you to use.