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People are using WinningPrizeSearchPRO to win big prizes, in addition to a lot of smaller prizes to keep them highly motivated between the big wins. A win feels great for them, big or small. How great do you think they feel when the Fedex man comes to their doorstep so often to deliver prizes, that they are on a first name basis? How would you feel becoming one of those people after using this software? After you download & install this software, you’ll be able to:

  • Instantly get access to some of the best, and most winnable online sweepstakes & giveaways in the country, on a daily basis. A big challenge is finding those giveaways. That’s why a lot of people don’t win – they don’t know what to enter. When you use this software, you’ll be able to easily find those winnable sweepstakes just like other members do, for your chance to win, just like other people are doing right now.
  • Save you tons of time with the sweepstakes tracker AND built in form filler called ‘Keyboard Express’. The people who win with this software know that one of the big keys to winning, is how much you enter. More entries = more chances of winning. When you use this software, it can speed up your entry time up to 5x, meaning 5x the entries, and 5x the chances to win!
  • Saves you money You can easily enter for friends & family with the multiple profiles feature. When you win extra prizes, you can use those Christmas & Birthday presents!
  • Plus a whole lot more!

And of course, you probably know – because you are reading this – that the key to big wins is using this software, entering daily, and entering as much as possible. You’ll find once you fully understand the power of this software, how much easier & happier your life is. So why not get it now? Why would you ever want to miss out on another win?

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Some of the major benefits to you include:

Easy Profile Management

Remember what your son, daughter, spouse or other family members enter and when! Prioritize sweepstakes, add/remove listings, and more!

Bigger & Better Prizes for you!

Want to win a cruise? Cash? Computers? Use the easy to use search functionality to go through 1000’s of regularly updated sweepstakes in seconds!

Enter More In Less Time

Easily navigate between multiple sweepstakes/contest entry pages with the click of a button! Works with existing web browser!

Save Time with the Keyboard Express

Fill in repetitive form details with the click of a button! Entries can be filled in, in seconds!

Easy-Click Sortable Headings

Click prize column headings to sort listings alphabetically, by entry frequency, prize value, entry priority and more to make sure you always enter what you want to!

Bonus Entries Working with Existing Brands!

Get chances at winning bonus prizes by helping to promote the sponsors offering the prizes!

Enter bigger and better online sweepstakes & contests in less time. And smile!

WinningPrizeSearchPRO! makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for, when you want – and helps you enter more in less time. You also benefit from being able to promote sponsor sweepstakes for bonus chances at extra prizes.

The software is designed to work on any Microsoft Windows PC machines. (95/98/XP/NT/20000 + Windows 7/8/10/11). Have a Macintosh? Send us an e-mail to be added to a waiting list, and when we have a native mac version available, you will be the firs to know! (Optionally, you can use third party software such as Parallels Desktop or Crossover Mac which supports running PC based software on Macintosh’s).

The software is only $19 USD/month, and can be cancelled at any time. SAVE MORE! When you upgrade to a yearly license, you get to save 20% extra for only $179/year! A 7-day free trial version is available to try out prior to purchase. Simply go to the download page to get a free trial.

Complete Software Tutorial Video
(25 Mins, Click Play Below to Watch)

Full Tutorial Video of how to use the software

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